Poblenou in 3 acts. 1st act.


Poblenou in 3 acts. 1st act.


Egue y Seta. With direct involvement of: Daniel Pérez, Felipe Araujo, Gaia Trotta, Szymon Keller and Covadonga Díaz.


Futurcret Microcemento http://www.futurcret.com/




Barcelona, Poblenou.




VICUGO FOTO www.vicugo.com / MAURICIO FUERTES www.mauriciofuertes.com + Styling by Olga Gil-Vernet

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“Devide and Conquer” said Julius Cesar in Rome, and it is also what the less belligerent Barcelona´s real state promoters think when faced with the challenge of converting former industrial spaces at @22 district towards their residential use.

The industrial buildings and warehouses at Poble Nou offer “open plan” possibilities, natural light and ventilation in a spot that, as the city grows, is progressively becoming ever so centric. The only thing that even today prevents their square meters from reaching their maximum profitability as an investment would be maybe and precisely, their excess when compared to those strictly necessary for living. The operation that most property owners looking to rent out these spaces is therefore: horizontal division.

This home is a paradigmatic case of the urban and real state transformation that has been sweeping over the city and especially through this neighbourhood in the recent past. A housing unit that wasn´t such a short while ago and ended up becoming three. A space where workmates used to align themselves one next to the other, indistinctively and endlessly along great window panes and under large industrial fluorescent lights; a place where today, instead, various and differentiated ambiances alternate, providing each of them refuge, intimacy and relax for “ever-singles” or “life-mates for life”, over beds and tables where they fabricate nothing less than their personal history, their most private day-to-day relationships, their dreams and nightmares, and also, a chapter, always tragicomical, of their lives. A place, that just like any other home, is the stage where the least public of our stories take place. A scenario for a choral story which diversity of main characters has required it to be divided, just like theatre plays, in acts. Over this stage we managed to fit three.

Act 1.

The curtain raises over a dining room that greets and welcomes everyone who cares to come in, since it is just there, right in front as one enters. Only four can be properly sit around this dining table, although at each end, two stools could be casually accommodated in case a third couple wants to join in the Friday night fun. Last night, however, only two did everything but dine, without candles or tablecloth, over the bare wood of the table, under the blue tin lamps, their balloon transparent bulbs and its orange filament. The background at the theatre is always black.

The sky managed to rid itself from all the grey clouds pretty early, and this morning Julie had breakfast alone, half dressed in a baby blue shirt of his that fitted her like a dress, lost in the artificial greenery of the plants that nobody thought wise to grow inside a house with no patio. Who was she, after all, to demand authenticity? In spite of all these colours her mind was paper white blank. Marc had left to work long ago leaving behind, and for her, a clay bowl on top of the kitchen isle with cereal and blueberries right next to a Greek yogurt pot yet to be unsealed. The spoon, a knife, an orange, and the already plugged squeegee, for their part, encircled a crystal glass with a never to be taken sanity pill laying at its bottom. Everything casually arranged over those cloth napkins that the man, cheesy as cake at times, seems to be obsessed with, and right next to a small Penguin book, with the cutest abstract cover that placed, like it was, over solid oak and natural cotton, along with such a “low carb Brekkie” it was like yelling to be shared on Instagram. She hurried to leave herself a post-it note on the cover of the book to complete the framing:

“Read this! You´re going to love it. Already miss you! Marc!”. 103 likes.

Reviewing the snap, she noticed that her foot was visible in the background, with a purple toenail that didn´t quite match the turquoise and clay shades of the hydraulic mosaic tile. -Big Mistake!- She thought to herself .-Everything is so colour coordinated in this flat, and here I go and get creative with nail polish-. To remedy this she went for a very safe, thousand times rehearsed selfie, in front of the slate laminate of the kitchen cabinets, but lit sideways by the light coming from the half-open refrigerator also reflected on the chrome-plated extractor hood. She was aiming for a cinematographic effect, "very Godard", which she did not achieve until she tucked two pots with hanging plants into the frame, and placed the "Afro" looking baskets just by the blue-gray clock behind her red-hot bun. It was nearly eleven.

Marc has sent a message ...
"Already miss you???? !!!" WTF?
-Relax Marc, your "fiancé" does not follow me ... and is not like you are the only Marc on the planet ...- she replied.

Need one say that she was terribly bored and that eleven or six o'clock would have mean exactly the same for her? Maybe is not necessary ... Or maybe it didn’t mean so much the same after all, since at six o'clock in the afternoon you would not have all this light flooding the place through the windows in the living room, and selfies with flash are not so rad. She laid on the grey gabardine of the couch and spread her reddish mane over the primrose yellow and greenery green cushions ... the pink freckles on her forehead could pass as another textile pattern. She put on photoshop mascara and an Amaro filter over that made her grey eyes look like honey. The lipstick did not matter since, like the nose, they were left entirely outside the frame:

"When your eyes smile for you: Redhead on canvas" #honeyeyes #redhead #homedecor #lookingup ... 156 likes ...

Things were starting to move! She sat herself sideways over the windowsill stretching out her longest leg to slide open the crystal leaf with the help of her toes. Undid the buttons of her / his shirt and rolled down one of the white window blinds to cover her bear naked chest while her head will pop out against the foliage in the background provided by trees out in the inner block park. The silhouette of her body cut itself out sexy, but flat and grey behind the white screen:
“homage to Kim Bassinger in 9&½ seconds”… 332 likes..

“Sex sells”

Where the hell are you????” @josephinebacon wrote on the same social network -flew down to see Marc in sunny BCN!!!— keep posting this stuff, is great. I wanna see it all!!!!-
If anything, Julie knew quite well how to please others. Climbing up the black leather and cherry wood Eames armchair, leaning against a grey micro-cement wall and an ever so red photography that made her hair look just brownish:

“Eaming high”: 198 likes

Up on the chaise lounge nearly touching with her head the round wicker lamp:

“the wicker Carmen Miranda! 186 likes.

With the palms of her hands on the static noise on the 50” TV and her back towards the phone camera capturing as well the whole of the wood panelled wall between a concrete beam and a horizontal console “floating” over a LED halo:


Not good! in the same position, heels under her butt, but the shirt tied around her waist in a knot, so a nude colour G string would show matching exactly the tone of the rug covering the area from the lower end of the snap up until her feet:
”wanna fly this magic carpet with me?” 265 likes…

It was crystal clear! You´ve got to bear it all! She rushed towards the bathroom, but in her way, just by the door, ran into three papyrus and a couple of ferns. She struck Botticelli’s Eve pose, but instead of “wearing” the biblical fig, she went for a much slimmer bamboo leaf
“fig leaves: overrated!!”372 likes!!!

Follower´s thirst for flesh was recovering. While taking a shower within the crystal fish tank she remembered: Titanic! And twisted the shower´s chrome button until she saw steam coming from the sprinkler instead of water drops. She waited for the glass of the shower to fog up but it never happened. It was too hot in Barcelona today, so she went for a less obvious snap. She thought about the mini-shorts that this kind of heat will nearly force her to wear for dinner with Marc and his colleagues, so she decided to prefect the waxing of her legs with a razor blade. Unintendedly, she cut herself around the ankle and as soon as she saw the red drops swirling over the drain, she reached for her phone, pressed over the wound and Pam!:

“Hitchcock´s Shower” 89 likes

Not too bad, considering the total absence of naked skin. Once wrapped in towels, in that super white bathroom entirely covered in cement, metro tile, morning light, mirrors and crystals, her red head was like the sun in the Japanese flag.
She opted for a slow motion and zoomed “boomerang” of her locks dancing between her fingers the hot gale exhaled by the blow dryer:

“Bloody Locks and the 3 bare fingers” 66 views.

On the comments below:

@Josephinebacon wrote: Honey, r u all right? –
- Never been better Jo! Blood is sexy! Don’t you think?

The wound ceased to bleed. She climbed up in bed still wielding her “hot air gun” but leaving the towels behind and her mobile conveniently placed over the wooden headboard. She put her head inside a motorcycle helmet she had found in the wardrobe, and aimed the dryer to her right temple while with her left land she pressed the shutter.

“Baby, you blow my mind!”#wearprotection #sexisneversafe #inlove. She just nailed the 100 likes!.
She ripped open the pillows with her teeth and nails only to slam them against the bedroom walls. Her naked body could hardly be made out beneath the feather rain while her head was covered by a large cushion:

“Pillow fighting myself”

This time she didn´t even bother to check upon the likes. She let herself fall over the red duvet feeling exhausted, amused and happy, but also terribly sad, anxious, about to cry. Suddenly she noticed the cheap lamp hanging from the ceiling and took one last photo:

“Ikea test approved: if the guy does not own anything from the shop: RUN!

Mark had responded at 11:06
- The book, you…! She gave it to me for Christmas!!! I´m so fucked!... Napkins were her grandma´s… Yogurt she gets it at the local organic co-op… location says “Poble Nou – Barcelona”… Fiona does follow you… BFF´s…

She packed her few brief summer outfits in a shopping bag and closed the door behind her leaving, over the coffee table and among the coloured crystal vases, the keys and a note:

- Already miss you!... really, I mean it!...Xoxoxoxox… Tell her Jon borrowed the flat while you were away… Get a dog to explain the pillows… I´m sorry!... Did you happen to see my pills?

Plugs and switches:
Bticino http://www.bticino.es/

Finishings and furniture:

Pavement, PCV oak laminated effect. Anticato.
Vertical surfaces:
Micro-concrete by Futurcret.

Sofa and coffee table, Vivonita
Hamper, Sacum.
Shelf, custom made
Area Rug, Sukhi / B&B Italia
http://www.sukhi.es/ http://www.bebitalia.com/en
Rattan armchairs, Cado.
Ceiling light, Habitat.
Blanket, Azul tierra http://www.azultierraonline.com/index.php/es/

Kitchen - Dinning room
Micro-concrete by Futurcret. http://www.futurcret.com/
Hydraulic imitation tiles, 20x20 cm Revival Tulip Model G1121, Recer
Vertical surfaces:
Micro-concrete by Futurcret. http://www.futurcret.com/
Hydraulic imitation tiles, 20x20 cm Revival Tulip Model G1121, Recer

Stool. RÅSKOG, Ikea.
Dinning lamps, Ikea.
Table, custom made.

Pavement, PCV oak laminated effect. Anticato.
Vertical surfaces:
Micro-concrete + Pavement, PCV oak laminated effect.

Side table: Maison du mont https://www.maisonsdumonde.com/ES/es
Bed, Ikea.
Cushions, Zara home.
Puf, Zara home.
Shelf, custom made.

Micro-concrete by futurcret + Pavement, PCV oak laminated effect.
Vertical surfaces:
White metro tile.

WC, Roca.
Sink, Roca.
Faucet, Roca.


"Lo mas desatacable es la innovación y lo resolutivo que resultan ser en cada trabajo. Son capaces de darle una vuelta de tuerca más a todo!"