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  1. Ariana Marín
    %A %B %e%q, %Y

    ME ENCANTA. Sencillamente precioso. Felicidades!

  2. EclecticStudio
    %A %B %e%q, %Y

    Simplemente maravilloso!! Buenísimo trabajo!!!
    Un saludo


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“Print Avenue”. Casa Decor Barcelona 2012 for Sabaté.

Project: Egue y Seta.

Promoter: Sabaté

Location: C/ Vic nº2. Barcelona

Completed date: 2012



We all know how to play and how to spend, but Egue y Seta, hand in hand with,Sabaté, rather show you how have fun investing less. Wallking along a gameboard decorated with “engraved” past century lettering digitally printed over pinewood, we introduced ourselves, box by box, into the most profitable but playful property of the show: An entrante hall, a waiting area and a reception; or perhaps a shop with its counter or walk-in printed surfaces catalog. All outfitted under an aesthetic scheme that flirts with the popular strategy game, while it poses a fresh, sustainable and cusomizable decorative strategy: Printing!