The Traveler’s Refuge


The Traveler's Refuge


Egue y Seta. With direct involvement of: Mario Vila, Esther Goncalves, Daniel Pérez and Felipe Araujo.






Madrid, El Escorial.




VICUGO FOTO www.vicugo.com

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When you call home the entire world with its hotels, its lodges and its inns, but also with all its camping tents, its cruise cabins and its plane seats, a tiny but cozy attic in the very heart of Malasaña might not seem so tiny after all… It may very well be instead all (or even more than) what you need to rest, recharge and plan out your next trip. It may also be the ideal refuge for those who seek to explore Madrid from inside (or above) or a bit of the city from a local´s point of view, just a few meters away from the more touristic streets while you do the same at the other end of the world. You might not need greater luxury or space when you have such views and a plan; when your eyes have seen so many miles and your feet finally find a moment to cease their walking. Maybe this green and walk-in travel guide themed library (provided with a bedroom, bathroom, terrace and kitchen) is just the perfect refuge for the modern traveler. At Egue y Seta we tackle each project as if we were embarking on a new trip. ¿Do you guys care to look at some of the postcards from this?

BACKSETEEN https://backsteen.es/

"Fue un placer tener Mario a mi lado durante la realización de la reforma. Sin ninguna duda repetiría una reforma con Egue y Seta!"

Jan Buyckx