Kazuo Suite. Casa Decor


“Kazuo Suite” Casa Decor 2015


Daniel Pérez + Felipe Araujo + Mario Vila / Szymon Keller, Gaia Trotta, Aina Sellés, Mafe Guerra y Covadonga Díaz


Casa Decor


C/ de la Palma nº 10. Madrid. Espacio 35 en Casa Decor




Vícugo Foto www.vicugo.com y Nacho Uribesalazar


Vícugo Foto www.vicugo.com y Nacho Uribesalazar

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If dreaming is like travelling, why do we have to come back home at dusk? With their latest promotional space for 2015?s edition of Casa Decor, “Kazuo Suite”, the spanich interior architecture studio Egue y Seta wants to give us the chance to keep on travelling after sleep, to offer the opportunity of going to bed in the middle of garden blossoming under dark inked oriental strokes, and place to commence each and every day amidst vegetal reflections of a somehow “Shinto” calling. This is a space that poses a fluid, cyclid and infinite circulation path, around premises that host our most private moments; a room where intimacy is shared with nature, where the outdoors invades the very heart of the built environment and a realm where light travels unceasingly through transparencies and mirros up until the moment, when we decide to, once again, close our eyes for the night.

Collaborating brands:

- Bed: Hastëns http://www.hastens.com/es/
- Furniture: Galería comercial del mueble http://www.galeriacomercialdelmueble.com/
- Wall finish: Mosaico de Hisbalit http://www.hisbalit.es/
- Painting: Tollens http://www.tollens.es/
- Floorings: vinyl floor Quick Step http://www.quick-step.com.es/
- Glass and mirrors: Saint Gobain http://es.saint-gobain-glass.com/
- Lighting: Simon Fluvia http://www.fluvia.com/es-ES/destacados.html
- Taps: Hansgrohe. Colección axor Citterio E y Axor Universal Accesories http://www.hansgrohe.es/
- Toilet: Villeroy and Boch https://www.villeroy-boch.es/
- Glass: Ramos Cristalería http://www.ramoscristaleria.com/
- Washbasin: Il bagno Allessi one modelo Tam Tam de Laufen http://www.es.laufen.com/
- Electrical mechanism: Hager http://www.hager.es/
- Atrezzo garden and bath: Carrefour http://www.carrefour.es/
- Plants: Rucat Viveros http://www.viverosrucat.es/
- Robot: Aspirador Roomba de irobot. Robopolis http://www.robopolis.com/
- Videoportero: Golmar http://www.golmar.es/
- Vinyl: Clorofila digital http://www.clorofiladigital.com/

"A room where intimacy is shared with nature…"

Egue y Seta