“Kleenex eco-Decor” Casa Decor


“Kleenex eco-Decor” Casa Decor Madrid 2014


Egue y Seta Daniel Pérez + Felipe Araujo + Mario Vila con la colaboración de Concha Cubillo + Christine Schlack + Leire Zafra




C/ Barquillo 12. Madrid. Espacio 33 en Casa Decor




Victor Hugo (www.vicugo.com)


Victor Hugo (www.vicugo.com)

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Sewing the outdoor onto the interior; sewing back together the work, social and private spheres of life; Pulling the thread of memories and emotions so the weave a warm, beautiful and practical space where to work and live. Such was the challenged Egue y Seta undertook this time when commissioned to develop a branded space where the patterns designed for the new collection of Kleenex packaging splash the room with color, graphics and expressive layers of meaning.

Kleenex and Egue y Seta, share with Sonia much more than just a philosophy: They all face their work with freshness and practicality, making use of a crafty know how, a taste for detail and a patience that can only be inherited. They will select the timeless, what´s always current and tells a story, and would favour that which is apparently simple, but really manages to satisfy complex aesthetic, practical and economic needs.

Here, Sonia cuts and sews, but also here she spends longer hours than in her bedroom. In this room she speaks over the phone with her mother, listens to the music her grandma´ used to listen to; here she writes on her high school friends social network wall, and also here, she has breakfast while reading the news. While in here she remembers and projects future self, here she sneezes, here she sheats, here she´s moved to tears and is where her make up smears. This is her Kleenex Space…

All the decorative power of the patterns designed by Kleenex for its new packaging collection is poured over wall hung prints, the central linoleum carpet that reminds traditional mosaic tiling, and over the fabrics that cover tables and cushions over side armchairs.

Owls, ballons and greenery patterns have been decontextualized over the wall mosaic tiling supplied by Hisbalit, creating a superb decorative envelope framed paint that manage to make the space cosier and feel like a home.

The interior garden, enclosed between crystal panes, supplied Saint Gobain and installed by Cristalería Ramos, bathes itself in a cascade of light shining over from a central false skylight while hosting a large leafy “ficus benjamina” loaned by Jardinería Fronda. In the right hand side wall, in a lower niche, a hedgerow of crass provides the room with the green touch that emphasizes the sustainable vocation of those brands involved in space conception. To its left, on the adjacent back wall, a mural oversized mirror manages to multiply the feeling of spaciousness, the positive vibes and the green references contained in an otherwise small space.

Gently alluding to Kleenex´s slogan “Always on by your side” , and over the walls that enclose this sewing workshop, three wall mounted clocks were set at the time when important events on the life of its user, Sonia, took place. Kleenex was already there when she was born, when she graduated and that New Year´s Eve, when, studying abroad, she called her parents to wish the the best!

03-February-1981 12:25

Oh Yes! It a baby girl! She wheighs 3kg and we´ll call her Sonia.

05-June-2006 18:30

Sonia García you may now collect your diploma…

01-Enero-2013 00:15

Happy New Year Mum! I miss you guys so much!…

On an opposite wall, printed and frame pieces of vintage advertisement, are there to remind us that Kleenex has been in our homes ever since 1624. The rest of the pieces of furniture, of fresh and contemporary lines, gently supplied by La Oca make the space a true “Kleenex Moment”

Collaborating Brands:

Centro de jardinería: Fronda: www.fronda.com/

Furniture: Ikea www.ikea.com/es/es/

Baseboards: Orac decor www.oracdecor.com

Wall finish: Hisbalit. Cristal Mosaic, /www.hisbalit.es

Paint: Tollens www.tollens.es

Print: The Image Company theimagecompany.es

Fabrics: Yuca tapicerías www.yucatapicerias.com

Glass and Mirrors: es.saint-gobain-glass.com

Glass installation : Cristalerías Ramos www.ramosiv.es

Furniture: La Oca. www.laoca.com

"Here, Sonia cuts and sews, but also here she spends longer hours than in her bedroom. In this room she speaks over the phone, listens to music…"

Egue y Seta