From the Roof Down


From the Roof Down


Egue y Seta. With direct involvement of: Daniel Pérez, Felipe Araujo, Mario Vila, Eva González, Mireia Lucas, Marta Elizagaray, Diana García and Sarah Salas.






Madrid, El Escorial.




VICUGO FOTO www.vicugo.com

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All right, all right! Maybe not exactly from the roof, but we did start the design of this home right beneath it at the top floor. It wasn´t out of a whim, however. Here, at this level, the client wanted to concentrate all comfort features and special amenities of their new home within a generously sized - double height, mixed use area to be devoted to entertainment, relaxation, play, reading, painting, music, guitar playing and guests hosting. Let’s climb the stairs and take a look in to this redefined super-attic: a former storage room turned into family-hub. The new heart and center of the home relocated at new (greater) heights!


Guest Bedroom:

Geometric Pattern cushion cover 45X45, by Zara Home.

Green cushion 45x45, by Zara Home.

Transparent vinyl frame, by Zara Home.

Black side table, by Zara Home.

Blanket. Model Spike, by Zara Home.

Ceramic vase with flowers, by Zara Home.

Oval tray Model Dany, 46cms and glass vase, by Habitat.

Vase-Stoneware-Red model Marilou, by Habitat.


Gray ceramic vase, by Zara Home.

Candles, by Zara Home.

Thai rust basket, Neolia model, M size, by Zara Home.

Hand and bath towels, by Zara Home.

Gray cement soap dispenser, by Habitat.

Flowers Orchid Phalaenopsis model Blanca 100cm, by Habitat.


Set of baskets, Model Natalina, by Habitat.

Yucca Artificial plant in pot. 194cm, by Habitat.

Table lamp Ruban, steel and fabric, black and white. Design by Béatrice Durandart, Habitat.

Black and white wool fabric cushion 40x60cm, by Habitat.

Jars set Model Motus, by Habitat.

Nelio ceramic candle holder, S and M size, by Habitat.

Kloe ceramic vase - 16cm – Anthracite, by Habitat.

Black side table, by Zara Home.

Teak decorative piece, by Zara Home.

Hourglass, by Zara Home.

Multicolor design cotton blanket, 130 x 170 cm, by Zara Home.

Rug model “Azul noche”, by Hands and Lands

Mezzanine floor:

Iaman pouf with black and white pattern, by Habitat.

Black lacquered aluminium lamp, by Habitat.

Set of round jute baskets with handles, by Habitat.

Plaid Kokoon, 130 x 170 cm – Multicolour design, by Habitat.

Multicolour cushion 50x75, by Zara Home.

Coral blanket, by Zara Home.

Vintage jute rug, by Zara Home.

"Los clientes han querido concentrar todas las comodidades y “amenities” de su nuevo hogar en una generosa área mixta…"

Egue y Seta