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With direct involvement of: Daniel Pérez, Felipe Araujo, Covadonga Díaz, Verónica Galli, Diana García, Sarah Salas and Maria Escobar.






Barcelona, CCIB




VICUGO FOTO www.vicugo.com

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The challenge consisted in adapting the scarce square meters of the entrance hall in a typical residential building to the needs and functional program of a hotel reception and a lobby. A space that according to the imaginary briefing of our fictional clients should offer to guests everything they could order whenever they call for “room service”, only that in this case this will be delivered outside of their hotel room and quite a few meters below.
A homely lobby concept that combines the glamorous atmosphere we have come accustomed to when it comes to hotels, with the practicality, the flexibility and laid-back logistics of youth hostels facilities.

The resulting space is one that (consistently) we wanted to call “Room Service” to signify an area that serves, definitively, for much more than just checking in and out; and that on the other hand, would allow to host a brief remote work session, to share a light breakfast, to eat something before going to bed or to plan out the day´s sightseeing route with the help of hotel staff, very likely locals, and therefore acquainted with proximity services.

A space that would allow the hotel rooms to get rid of the bulky and expensive cooking / washing and home office equipment that would, on the other hand, most likely end up sub-utilized. A hybrid room that would offer all those amenities within the hotel lobby in a summarized, compact and centralized manner. A place that does all this under a catchy, appealing and cozy aesthetic including multiple references and layers, all of them decidedly urban.

Partly due to this, a mood board that would combine colors, textures and finishings to represent the complexity but also the diversity of interests of all potential guests and clients was among the most relevant style guidelines included in the briefing. Therefore, the resulting space ended up featuring:
• Natural, vegetal and neutral-warm coloured fibres, such as wicker, in order to filter the light while adding visual texture and visual comfort.
• Green crowning and accents, here and there, to provide a sense of freshness and vitality to the whole either in pots or hung.
• The industrial and technical appeal of metal combined with the practicality and low maintenance logistics of steel effect micro – cement.
• The earthy warmth of clay with increased hardness and durability that its micro-cement imitation provides.
• An envelope of architectural lines underlined by anthracite gray cornices, wainscoting and baseboards over printed black rattan.
• Colour notes and accents achieved through framed pieces of blue engraved wallpaper
• Fabrics working as shades over wooden joinery oversized lamp structures, topping off relevant pieces of custom-made pieces of furniture.
• Taupe Micro-fibre upholstery to provide neutrality and resistance to the most comfortable piece of “hardware” within the room.
• Fixture accessories made in leather representing local craftsmanship.
• Black-dyed wood sheeting that camouflage themselves against the dark envelope, retaining its tactile appeal and texture.
• Distressed mirrors to reflect and multiply visual spaciousness, light and greens all throughout this otherwise small space.

All of this achieved a new type of lobby that resembles more a dining (or a meeting) room than a reception. A place that conceals and integrates its front desk to (and behind) a generously sized table, over which one can eat, converse or work according to need, surrounded by maps, books, coffee, cereals, noodles and everything you might need at different times of the day. A multipurpose realm that integrates also a small, adjacent and informal lounge facing a green vitrine, conveniently placed under a false skylight duplicated by a mirror panelled backdrop. Everything disposed under two “giant fabric backlight hats” decorated with climbing ivies, ferns and succulents.

Woke up in a travelling touristy mood? Here we wait for you, always ready to serve you in a helpful host mode!

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Partner brands:

Construction Company

Wooden joinery and custom made furniture:
Vicente Galve


Pavement: terracotta micro-cement by Futurcret
Pavement: black micro-cement by Futurcret

Vertical surfaces:
Black micro-cement on Wall by Futurcret. http://www.futurcret.com
Custom printing, vinyl and dye cut signs by Endutex http://www.endutex.es/
Custom printing, vinyl and dye cut signs by Base 3 (Vinyl printing and installation) http://base3.net/ca/
Molding on walls by NMC www.nmc-decoracion.es
Antique Mirror by Espejo Envejecido.


Chairs by Crisal Decoración

Armchair by Crisal Decoración

Coffee table by Cristal Decoración

Stool by Crisal Decoration https://www.crisaldecoracion.es/product_info.php/4088-taburete-terciopelo-azul-pata-oscura-995-p-1182

Custom made table by Disseny 9 evo. https://www.facebook.com/dissenyb3/

Puff by Bivaq. http://www.bivaq.com/es/product/mood-xl-footstool-module/

Bench by Bivaq.

Covered structure by Vicente Galve http://vicentegalvestudio.com/es/


Marquetería de Andaluza de Marquetería

Wall paper on frames by Coordonne, S.L

Rug by Hands and Lands

Custom made cushions, Gancedo

Vegetation, Hand Peter

Cork accessories by Fino Fresh

Atrezzo (cups, plates, bowls, vases, cushions and tray) by Habitat

Plug and switches:
Simon Lighting

Fluvia y Simon Lighting

"A space that according to the imaginary briefing of our fictional clients should offer to guests everything they could order whenever they call for “room-service”"

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