Soft Luxury by Endutex


Soft Luxury by Endutex in C!print


Egue y Seta






Palacio de Cristal (Madrid)




Victor Hugo (www.vicugo.com)


Victor Hugo (www.vicugo.com)

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Should we continue to invest fortunes in retail space renovation when these need to be updated each season? Do we need to sacrifice aesthetic appeal , comfort or luxury in order to achieve interior design schemes that make economic sense?

This year’s promotional space “Soft Luxury by Endutex” comes up with the answer to these questions, and yes! Its the one we want to hear! Designed to showcase all the finishing, furnishing and comunicative potential of Endutex’s new and amplified catalogue, its been conceived as a luxuryous retail space, tailor made over printed media that will be light and soft to the eye but also to the Pocket. Here all finishings and coverings are produced and dealt by Endutex, and have been printed by a number of collaborating large format printshops. With such decorative printing strategy egue y seta design studio has managed once again to benefit from the aesthetic appeal of traditional constructive materials such as concrete, marbel, cooper and wood, avoiding their high costs, their complex installation requirements and their maintenance procedures. This type of interior design schemes which has been called graphic interior design, is no longer satisfied with the depiction of corporative logos, branding claims or product photography, but goes a lot further in the imitation of real textures, ilusión of depth, and constructive features of nonexpensive and light materials so to achieve “high end” retail atmosphere at a “low cost” budget.

Hereafter a detailed lost of selected materials used within the space.


Counter top: marble texture printed over aluprint

Front: wood texture printed over abiplex

Flooring: chevron pattern wood en parket texture printed over Printfloor.

Back wall: chevron pattern wood en parket texture printed over Printwall.

Main central Box.

Exterior: concrete texture printed over kapatech.

Interior: marble and graphic texture printed over kapatech.

Partition wall: marble tile texture printed over Smart X

Clothing: denim, tweed, and fabric paterns printed over Polysub 170FR.

Table top: marble tile texture printed over Smart x.

Butterfly BKF chairs: cognac leather texture printed over Napaprint

"It’s been conceived as a luxuryous retail space…"

Egue y Seta