Suite Bates Motel CasaDecor


“Suite Bates Motel” CasaDecor Barcelona 2011


Egue y Seta


Futurcret (www.futurcret.com)




C/ Joaquin Costa nº24 (locales) 4º1ª 08001 Barcelona




Victor Hugo (www.vicugo.com)


Victor Hugo (www.vicugo.com)

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The Bates Motel Suite designed by Egue and Seta offers the possibility of entertaining, working, eating, toileting and sleep characteristics of an “apart-hotel” from a single piece of multifunctional furniture around which are distributed radially stays free and differentiated by decorative elements that recreate the iconic stills from the films of Hitchcock.

Here, Norman Bates peeks through a tiny hole, prying LBJeffries has two windows, and “The Birds” encourage only the best memories “supense” of the “50s”. The Bates Motel Suite, like Hitchcock, proposes anticipation: A series of rooms that follow a narrative leaving notice at any time what is the other way or about to occur.

An apartment of 35m2 an open space, clean, very easy circulation designed from a central cabinet serves as a distributor and container space where “hide” the different needs depending on the area where you are, microwave and cabinet maker in the kitchen, mirror and towel in the bathroom shelf in the living room / rest / reading and wardrobe in the bedroom, with a common denominator in all the plants found in the pots on top of the cabinet.

Embracing the same we have another element that strengthens as described above, a bar / counter which runs through the living areas making back to the couch and top to eat and work continues in the kitchen area where we have integrated sink and ends in the bathroom where the sink are also integrated.

Even if it should be further reinforced the idea of this “wafer” center on the floor with the microcemento perimeter and in the middle of it a “carpet” leading hydraulic tile in all areas of space.

The star always light in space, day 2 was given by the huge windows overlooking the Gran Via and the night careful lighting mainstay in the areas of “work” and indirectly in the rest areas.

Suite Bates Motel designed by Egue and Seta offers those facilities traditionally included in a standard “apart-hotel” (entertainment, working, eating, washing and sleeping) all by placint at the center of this singular “open plan” space a single piece of multi-functional furniture around which these subsequent areas unfold almost clockwise, in a visually related but independent fashion, recreating one by one, various decorative elements inspired in the most iconic of Hitchock´s films.

Here, Norman Bates will not need to spy on Marion through a tiny hole, prying LBJeffries has two “Rear Windows” instead of just the one, and “The Birds” only bring good memories of the best thriller movies from the “50s”. Suite Bates Motel, like Hitchcock´s movies, is all about anticipation: A series of premises that laid out sequentially, in a narrative manner, hinting ,at all times, on what´s happening in the adjacent room or about to occur.

On lighting…

The proposed lighting scheme for Suite Bates Motel has been designed taking into account both its utilitarian function as its aesthetic quality. In general, overhead lighting has been solved through the manual construction of two rectangular section profiles hung from the ceiling, keeping a respectful distance – both spatial and aesthetic- from the envelope. Conventional dichroic recessed lights were placed both underneath and in the sideline. This versatility allowed the lighting piece to follow the path described by those surfaces it needed to illuminate, while light bathing the walls where significant decorative elements were portrayed: movie posters, restored antique brick walls or vinyl decoration juxtaposing over micro cement wavy texture.

Adjustable LED lights were the choice to ensure adequate lighting of work areas. These allowed reading on the couch, or in bed. While on the kitchen, the overall lighting output was reinforced by a warm light spot integrated into the hood.

In order to gain a sense of openness within an otherwise constrained but multi- purpose space, we chose to visually raise the heavier pieces of furniture from the ground or to separate the from the adjacent walls. The trick was achieved by interposing linear led stripes that made the bed and sofa “float” or the surrounding enveloping walls feel more distant.

An additional light projector on a tripod responded to the need to bathe a third wall enhance its texture and to emphasize the cinematic theme of space.

Finally, and to give the furniture greenery crowning its due prominence, we chose to install built in lights within the planters that pointing toward the ceiling, projected fine light beams through the branches of vegetation.

"Here, Norman Bates does not need to peek through a tiny hole, LBJeffries has two windows, and ‘The Birds’ only bring memories of the best ‘classic mistery movies’"

Egue y Seta