Space Therapy. ReforMás


Space Therapy. ReforMás 2nd Edition


Egue y Seta. With direct involvement of: Daniel Pérez, Felipe Araujo y Diana García.






A Coruña




Gosia Trebacz Fotografía. @gosiatrebacz

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do you feel trapped? In the dark maybe?
Perhaps, it all´s got to do with you living in a ill ventilated interior apartment... Recline yourself in this divan, tell us how you´d like to live and we´ll tell you who you are (and how you´ll feel)

More and more, we have come to understand our job as a consult. A very human service entirely customized, with an important technical and physical component, yes, but also, with a no less determining emotional factor.
The excitement, anguish, the investment and tensions home renovation projects usually imply can strengthen but also put to the test long and well stablished personal relationships; they can either make clients ill or give them a new life: Invariably, each project ends up defining (and being defined by) the client´s particular way of living, feeling, thinking and relating to the environment.

Therefore, and for the second edition of ReforMás show, we wanted to feature a promotional space that re-interpreted within a walk-in cozy but trendy showcasing space, the typical consulting office of a psychologist

To achieve this, we developed a powerful set of original graphics that covered the walls with a combination of contemporary finishings (on their printed version), resulting in an envelope where oak wood grain, colourful granite, square tiling, black marble, pastel gradients, animal print, illustration and type overlap and coexist in a surprisingly harmonious manner.

Against such backdrop and over a warm laminate wood flooring an interesting arrangement of contemporary furniture pieces has been laid out so to combine the rich textures of velvet, leather and gabardines stretching over black metal structures that underline the sobriety of their design. Divans, armchairs, chests, desks, chairs and puffs alternate with storage units, lamps and other decorative objects that highlighted by greenery end up configurating the perfect space where to sit and talk about your (project related) sorrows and desires.

So, let’s see! Where should we start?

Do you find peace when over your pillow or under the shower?
¿All of your celebrations end up in the kitchen?
¿Do you secretly think of your plants as your children?
¿Is your home, entirely, a kid’s playground?
¿Do you have more shoes than light bulbs at home?
¿party blast or dinner for two?

Whatever you do, is time to knock down your “mental walls”, to think outside of the box and to keep doors and windows (eyes and arms) always wide open!!



Vinyl laminate, oak Wood effect. https://www.gerflor.es/
Supplied by http://www.stockriego.com/web/default.asp

Vertical finishings

Digital print media

Printing and installation of large format graphics http://cordecom.com/contact/


Bookcase by Mido Decoración

Divan by Global Asento

Desk chair by Global Asento

Armchair by Global Asento

Chest by Wood Feelings

Bench by Mido Decoración


Atrezzo (frames, jars, magazine holder, plants, pots, baskets, blankets) de Mido Decoración.

Mido Decoración

"Recline yourself in this divan, tell us how you´d like  to live and we´ll tell you who"

Egue y Seta