The Gallery by Endutex


The Gallery


Egue y Seta. With direct involvement of Daniel Pérez, Felipe Araujo and María Escobar Roquerols


Endutex Ibérica S.L.








VICUGO FOTO www.vicugo.com

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An area of over a hundred square meters and a grand wall that sections it, sharp and inescapably from one end to the other. A plane that raises, opens up and breaks, to organize around itself exhibition, meeting, printing and storage spaces; a bar with its lounges, public and private, showing at the same time the necessary selection of original reprographic works to resemble a true art gallery. A promotional space for a large format graphics media manufacturer. Endutex Iberica´s latest stand in the 5th Edition of C! Print - Madrid.

On this opportunity, we opted for spatial extroversion and transparency and, therefore, the space presented, instead of being closed or contained, has ended up being entirely open, gathering all its dedicated areas under the shadow of a large protagonist threshold featuring a unique arrangement of coatings, texture, lighting and graphic treatment. This wall acts as a boundary and border, but also as a door, a window and an interface, being at the same time a line, a plane and a volume that visually extends itself beyond its true dimensions, using an intentionally leaked perspective through an oblique profile and arrangement.

The chromatic economy that minimalistic museum environments traditionally demand is here broken and punctuated by the overlapping of planes, textures and backlit transparencies that, nevertheless, preserve the necessary neutrality to act as the backdrop for all pieces of artwork featured in “the gallery".

The austerity and cold whiteness of the resulting environment needed to be balanced by wooden flooring, printed textiles of a colorful and domestic call; interior or wall - hung gardens in charge of providing a green shine and freshness; and a display of original graphic art developed by the studio that combines a very current palette of pastel colors with metallic glare, wood grain, green vegetation, animal print, over black and white grainy photography. Ink over canvas, over light and reverse. Works of art that are, at the same time, lamps and windows. Do you want to get into the world of digital printing?

We welcome you to The Gallery, the last ephemeral promotional space, designed by Egue and Seta for Endutex.


Printed Printfloor by Endutex
Printed Printmatt by Endutex (area rugs)

Vertical Finishes:
Printed Printwall by Endutex
Printed Polycril GW FR by Endutex
Gold Vynil MacMill Mactac
Printed Terra Light by Endutex (Backlit boxes)
Printed Terra Premium by Endutex (Backlit boxes & Totems)
Printed Terra Opaq by Endutex (awnings)

Printed Napaprint by Endutex. Cushions
Printed Polysub 180 FR by Endutex. Cushions

Rainbow Visual & Event

Graohic Design and artwork:
Egue y Seta

Printing: CdC / Base3

Montage and Installation:
Rainbow Visual & Event

"We welcome you to The Gallery, the last ephemeral promotional space, designed by Egue and Seta for Endutex."

Egue y Seta